Wordpress plugin

This plugin adds automatically a content slider of your last post where you want on your Wordpress blog or website.

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Wonderful design

This plugin is written upon the code of Manoella Ilic, you can see the simple JQuery and CSS version here.

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CSS animation

Transitions between slides are made using a powerfull combination of CSS3 and JQuery to display a beautiful parallax effect.

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Highly customizable

The plugin adds a administration section to set or customize various parameters like : Automatic switch mode, Transition duration, and more...

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What are the barriers harming green job creation?

Hanna Thomas of the East London Green Jobs Alliance , and participant at the first Global Tranistion 2012 dialogue explains some of the obstacles to green job creation in the UK. Continue reading

From Durban to Rio

Alejo Etchart Ortiz argues that civil society has had enough of business-as-usual

After the disappointing outcome of COP 17 in Durban, environmentalist and Stakeholder Forum Advisor, Alejo Etchart Ortiz argues that civil society has had enough of business-as-usual, is charting its own path to a sustainable future and has a leading role to play at the Earth Summit 2012. Continue reading

Video: So much more than GDP: Gross National Happiness

Will measuring happiness create better government policy?  Experts discuss on Canadian TV’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Durban a success?

Only fools fight in a burning house

Over the past two weeks, climate policy wonks descended on Durban, a port city and popular South African tourist destination, to hash out what to do beyond 2012 when the first phase of the Kyoto Protocol comes to an end. Continue reading

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