News from the Negotiations – Day two

The big news today, says Bioregional International Policy Advisor, Freya Seath, is the key highlights of the Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability ‘Resilient People: Resilient Planet, A Future Worth Choosing’ Continue reading

Video: Prof. Tim Jackson on the principles for a new economy

Professor Tim Jackson talks about principles for a new economy at TED Talks, 2010 Continue reading

Countdown to Rio: Reflections on the Zero Draft

Farooq Ullah, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Stakeholder Forum reflects on the Zero Draft of the Outcome Document for the Earth Summit 2012 Continue reading

News from the negotiations – Day One, 25th Januaray

The first meeting of 2012 on Rio +20 – the informal discussions on the initial Zero Draft text – has commenced. Continue reading

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