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Victoria is Senior Researcher and Head of Climate Change and Energy at nef (the new economics foundation)

ATLAS: making new maps for an island planet

This month sees the launch of ATLAS, a project that makes space for us to consider the practical and ethical challenges presented by globalisation and global environmental change. Continue reading

Video: Looking back, pushing forward

Watch leading sustainability pioneers who helped frame the original United Nations’ Earth Summit reflect on the past 20 years and discuss their hopes for the future. Continue reading

Video: Johan Rockstrom on a new economic paradigm

Courtesy of our friends at the Green Economy Coalition, Johan Rockström of planetary boundaries fame explores the links between our global environment and a new economic paradigm. Continue reading

Video: So much more than GDP: Gross National Happiness

Will measuring happiness create better government policy?  Experts discuss on Canadian TV’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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